人工のモノには制限が付き物です。制限はカタチの必然性に繋がりますが、制限のないことはモノと人ににどのような影響を与えるのだろう。Eternally は長さの制限を無くしたことで生まれるモノが人に与える影響の実験です。無限の表現としてセラミック工法の泥漿鋳込みに注目しました。通常であれば型一杯に泥漿を注ぎ込み乾燥後、口は切り取りますEternally は型を積み上げて行くことで、注ぎ込む量を制限せずどこまでも伸ばしていくことができます。この方法で口は注いだ状態のカタチとなり、モノ単体でも無限を示唆する表情を実現しました。

Limitations and restrictions are part and parcel of anything created by human beings.  But what kind of impact does an absence of limitations have on objects, and on people? ‘Eternally’ is an experiment into the effect that objects born from absence of limitations have on people, and an investigation into placing icons which suggest non-finiteness onto finite, limited objects. We focused on the ‘casting slip’ method of ceramics construction. In this method, the thinned potter’s clay known as ‘slip’ is poured into the mold, and the opening is cut away once the slip has dried. With ‘Eternally’, molds are piled up so that the product can be extended endlessly, with no restriction on the amount of slip that is used. e opening, therefore, takes on the shape that it had after pouring, so that the idea of non-finiteness is suggested and expressed in the object itsel